St Leos’ College – 1974

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Front Row (L-R): Pat Carrol; -;-;Peter McConochie;-;Peter Raftery; -;Pat ?;Greg Cahill;Jim Busuttin;Peter Johnson;Mick Pender;-;Fr Fleming;-; Peter Gardiner;-;Pat O’Shea;-;-;-;

Second Row (L-R): -;-;-;-;-;-;Paul Prindable;-;-;-;-; ? O’Brien;-;John O’Keefe;-;-;?Lee;Kev O’Brien;-;Mick Stallard

Third Row (L-R): :-; John Irwin;-; Mark McGree; Pat Byrnes;-; David Harpham; Greg McNamara; Tony Keating; Robert Harpham;-;-; Greg Curran; Geoff Morris

Fourth Row (L-R): -; Bill McDonald;-; Laurie Griffin;-; Mark Hoey; Dennis Itzstein; Dick Norris; Damien Collopy;-; Duncan McMeekin;-; Terry King; John McKeon;-;-;-; John McDonald;-;-;-; Jack O’Donohue; Greg pedrazinni

Fifth Row (L-R): 13th – Terry King, 25th – Greg Pedrazzini

Sixth Row (L-R): 18th – Elton Ivers, 23rd – James (Jim) Hegerty, 24th – Simon Morris; Geoff King

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