Valete Dinner and Awards are a fitting end to 2017

October 24, 2017

Friday 13 October might be an ominous date in the calendar however at St Leo’s it was the last formal dinner of the year and our chance to celebrate the successes of our Residents over the year. Sporting, social and cultural awards were given to Residents who had displayed Leonain traits.

Invited guests, parents and partners of our senior Residents joined us for a fantastic night of celebration.

Sports Awards

First up were the sports awards which were presented by our outgoing Rugby coach, Brendan Hood. Our 2017 Sports Convenor, Hayden D’Addona proceeded to read the names as Brendan handed out the awards. Residents who had competed in three or four ICC sports were awarded a Half-Blue while those Leonians who had represented Leo’s in at least five sports were given a Full-Blue.

Half Blue Winners

Lachlan Baxter Touch Water Polo Soccer
Tim Boniface Swimming Cricket Water Polo
Will Coorey Rowing U/20 Rugby Open Rugby
Kelbie Davidson Cross Country Soccer Athletics
Isaac Dickinson Volleyball Badminton Open Rugby
Patrick Evans Rowing Table Tennis Open Rugby
Jordan Huggett Touch Water Polo Open Rugby
Matthew Hurrell U/20 Rugby Open Rugby Athletics
Luke Jessup Volleyball Cricket Soccer
Saxon Kettle Touch Volleyball Open Rugby
Pierce Leahy Cross Country Rowing Basketball
Gabe Long Rowing Badminton Volleyball
Rhys Parker Swimming Cricket Soccer
Dylan Sears Touch U/20 Rugby Soccer
Andrew White Rowing Soccer Athletics
Elliott Avishai Rowing Water Polo Open Rugby Volleyball
David Boyes U/20 Rugby Cricket Open Rugby Athletics
Patrick Lynch Rowing Volleyball Cricket Open Rugby
Harry Murphy Swimming Touch Water Polo Open Rugby
Ryan Wagner Rowing Cross Country Soccer Basketball


Full-Blue Winners

Finn McCauley-Wassell Swimming Cross Country Rowing Water Polo Athletics
Ieuan Fuller Touch Rowing Volleyball Water Polo Open Rugby Basketball
Hayden D’Addona Touch Cross Country Cricket Volleyball Badminton Soccer Rowing Athletics
Daniel Niven Swimming Touch U/20 Rugby Cross Country Water Polo Rowing Soccer Athletics Open Rugby


Next up were the Sporting Best and Fairest Awards where a winner from each sport played is judged to have achieved at the every high level in the ICC competition and judged by the coach and convenor of the sport as a suitable recipient of the Best and Fairest award.

Athletics Matthew Hurrell
Badminton Hayden D’Addona
Basketball Joshua Curti
Cricket Hayden D’Addona
Cross Country Kelbie Davidson
Rowing Patrick Lynch   Unable to be here
Rugby Jordan Huggett
Soccer Justin Weier
Swimming Finn McCauley Wassell
Table Tennis Michael Effeney
Tennis Lachlan Henderson
Touch Football Hayden D’Addona
U 20 Rugby Matthew Hurrell
Volleyball Justin McAndrew
Water Polo Daniel Niven

Finally, there were three big prizes given out for our Sportsmen:

Best Supporter Award which was won by Nic Stride.

Rookie Sportsman of the Year was won by Daniel Niven – after representing the College in nine different sports this year.

Sportsman of the Year was Hayden D’Addona for the second year running. Hayden not only represented the College in eight sports, he also coordinated everything for the College this year.

Following the awards a special presentation of a signed jersey was given to Brendan for his three years of service to the College rugby team. The presentation was given by senior Resident and captain of our Open Rugby Team – Jordan Huggett.

More sporting news from earlier in the year.

Cultural Awards

The next awards were all for cultural contributions.

Public Speaking was awarded to Patrick Dowling for his contributions to Debating, One Act Play and Oratory.

The Chess award was shared by Tim Harris and Nick Kang who were recognised as the most accomplished chess players at St Leo’s – who both helped us to win the Chess Tournament in ICC this year.

Pat Lynch won the music vocal award for his contributions to Bandfest, Choralfest and as our College Idol.

The music instrumental award was given to Toby Burstow who not only took part in Bandfest and Choralfest, he also entertained Residents and guests prior to most of the formal dinners this year.

One overall Cultural Contribution Award is given each year. In 2017 this was awarded to Max Ellis who has taken on the coordination of St Leo’s cultural activities this year with gusto.

Max Ellis, Steve Foley

More cultural news from earlier in the year.

Social Justice Awards

Each year St Leo’s and Duchesne nominate Residents to work towards events which raise money for St Vincent de Paul Society such as car washes, trivia nights etc.

This year we had 15 Residents who received an award.

Social Justice Award Winners

Dan O’Sullivan
Tyler Kiernan
Andrew Hyde
Clint Caldicott
Alex Perera
Patrick Lynch 
Lawson Enright
Jimmy Staats
Vibhu Goel
Tim Boniface
Slater Wright
Harry Murphy
Wade Anderson
Abijith Abraham
Jaiden Harding

Finally four special awards were given out. They recognise significant contributions by our Residents to the College community as a whole.

College Involvement Award

Nominees should be residents who, during the course of the year, have been:

  • Actively involved in a broad range of College activities such as sporting, cultural, social, and religious events.
  • Noticeably generous with their time during occasions when assistance was sought in and around the College.
  • Committed to academic excellence and successful with his studies.

This year we had a lot of difficulty separating the finalists for these awards – so much so that we awarded two College Involvement Awards. Winners were Elliot Avishai who has worked hard as the ICC Convenor during 2017; and Isaac Dickinson, Student Club President 2017.


The Hon. Bob Katter (Snr) Award

Nominees should be residents who, during the course of the year, have been:

  • Has served St Leo’s College in an outstanding manner
  • Has visibly demonstrated concern and goodwill towards his fellow residents, and
  • Has displayed leadership qualities within the College community

This year’s winner was Hayden D’Addona. Hayden won numerous awards at St Leo’s as well as being awarded the ICC Sportsman of the Year award.

Old Boys’ Award

The award is presented to the resident who best matches the following criteria:

  • Has been an active member of, or has supported the work of a charity organisation.
  • Has visibly demonstrated concern and goodwill towards his fellow residents, and
  • Has displayed leadership qualities within the College community.

This year’s winner was Michael Effeney who is known for his generous and caring nature and has represented the College this year as the Secretary of the Student Club.

Ignatian Award

The award is presented to the resident who best matches the following criteria:

  • This award for leadership is decided by the College administration.
  • The winner is presented with a plaque and his name is added to the Honour Board in the Duhig Dining Hall.
  • He needs to show leadership qualities within the College community and demonstrated concern and goodwill towards his fellow residents.

The winner is practically Mr Perfect: Pat Lynch. At the Valete Dinner awards Pat won a sports award, a cultural award, a social justice award and he often wins academic awards – he really is an all-rounder. He has represented Leo’s in 2017 as the Senior RA and he has done an excellent job.

The evening was rounded out by our guest speaker, Genevieve Dickinson, mother of our 2017 Student Club President, Isaac. She reflected on the last three years and reminded us about the journey some of our senior Residents have been on, as they are starting to think about the next step for them.



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