St Leo's College - 1953

December 12, 1953

Back Row: M.B. Khamis, J.R. Cornwall, A.W. Agnew, P.H. Hopkins, P. Hagarty, W.K. Chooi, P.J. McCosker

Fifth Row: C.F. Elliott, D.L. Higgins, E.E. O'Brien, G. O'Dwyer, F.P. Smith, V.K. Whittaker, C.J. Smelt, R.G. Tanna

Fourth Row: W.W. Neilson, N.G. Purcell, J.B. Phillips, G. Moro, B.L. Hillcoat, M. Furtado, B.Sc., J.J. Saxby, J.R. Tiernan, T.H. Brumm

Third Row: F.P. Murray, A.J. Ole, B.J. Magee, B.J. Collins, R.A. Greet, W.A. Campbell, M.L. Mezger, N.V. Short, D.J. Shanahan, E.W. Cleary, J.W. James

Second Row: C.J. Adair, J.G. Bishop, J. Breen, J. McGaughey, J. Gordon, P. O'Dwyer, , M.J. Moore, J.H. Casey, J. Comerford, W.J. Laister, D. Forrest, A.E. Ganter, N. Mar Fan

Front Row: A.L. Hefferan, F.P. McLaughlin,B.A., F.P. Cronin, B.Sc., Rev. R.J. McMahon, C.M., Very Rev. G. Power, C.M. (Rector), K.W. Ryan, B.A., M. Burke, M.M. Kehoe, E.J. Ahern, N.G. Johnston

1952 Brum, 1950, 1951, 1953 Brumm

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