St Leo's College - 1957

December 12, 1957

Back Row: L. Perrett, M. Filei, G. Zorzi, A. Canty, S. Del Popolo.

Fifth Row: J. Power, C. Sripicharn, J. O'Donohue, B. Mc Leavey, T. O'Donnell, B. StephensJ. Sutanto, G. Barnes.

Fourth Row: D. Whittle, J. Sugars, B. McGrath, R. Joyner, J. Fauth, B. McMahon, M. Crossland, K. Hourigan, G. Roderick.

Third Row: A. Lee, K. Marsh, R. Kane, J. Littleton, D. David, P. Meyer, M. Boyce, R. Sison, J. Kearns, A. O'Neill.

Second Row: J. Condon, V. Rao, D. O'Donoghue,F. Monsour, P. Doyle, H. Hourigan, B. Ryan, Z. Asinari, T. Myers, M. Shaw, T. Nutley.

Front Row: T. Freer, L. Faa, J. Comerford, R. Tiernan, Rev. T. Johnston, S.J. , R. O'Regan, L. von Holt, R. Kane, J.McCosker

M. Buyce -1957 M. Boyce
R. Sisen - 1957 R. Sison
L.W. Holt 1955?

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