St Leo's College - 1959

December 12, 1959

Back Row: J. Sugars, R. Meyer, D. Whittle, A. Canty, P. Westaway, I. Brischetto, G. Zorzi, J. McDiarmid, J. Hynes, L. Perrett

Fourth Row: D.Draydon, B. Stark, J. Martin, B. McGrath, F. Daley, J. Frawley, Wong Ing Hock, K.Sonson, K. Hourigan, N. Pokarier

Third Row: A. Grossetti, J. Gauci, F. Hollis, R. Joyner, C. Owen, G. Johnson, N. O'Connor, B. Rudolph, M. Waldby, B. Vunibobo, F. Cavallo, A. Cameron

Second Row: A. Ronan, J. Sutanto, R. Kerr, T. Finn, B. Gabbedy, M. Breen, H. Hourigan, G. Roderick, Z. Asinari, V. Vandeleur , J.D. David, M. Shaw, W. Burns

Front Row: B. McMahon, L. Faa, R. O'Regan, B.A., P. Hegarty, F. Monsour, B.D. Sc., Rev. B. Buxton S.J., Rev. T. Johnston, S.J. (Rector), P. Doyle, L. von Holt, B. Sc., A. Lee, B.Sc., I. Thomas, B.E., T. Freer, B.D.Sc., J. Littleton

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