St Leo's College - 1965

December 12, 1965

Back Row: G. Banks, P.Lip., P. Locke, A. Martin, T. Roberts, G. Bryant, A. Gordon.

Seventh Row: J. McKendry, P. Young, A. Fitzpatrick, B. Messer, P. Anning, G. Ellwood, D. Parker, P. McMahon, T. Fitzgerald, N. Lipp

Sixth Row: F. Arnell, T. Harris, R. Ketter, M. Jebreen, P. Brammer, R. Searles, J. Morgan, C. Ellway, M. Anderson, P. D'Arcy

Fifth Row: R. Liong, R. Harpham, B. Herzig, K. Locke, D. McArdle, R. Cousin, J. Taylor, P. Lucas, N. Harpham, G. Kelsey

Fourth Row: J. Durack, P. Jackson, M. Unwin, K. Dooley, G. Reardon, J. Pauli, R. Barbero, D. Hewitt, J. Hynes, A. Mackay

Third Row: J. Legrand, D. Moyes, T. Wong, G. Savage, J. Lee, A. Hurney, R. Glass, F. Yared, J. Graham, R. Tooher, W. Spring

Second Row: B. Bauer, C.K. Seah, F. Lee, T. Chen, J.Aoae, T. Wong, M. McDonald, G. Dwyer, A. O'Neill, P. Balkin, J. Aisa

Front Row: D. Daly, B.Agr.Sc., T. Knox, P. Wylie, D. Tiernan (President), Rev. T.A. Johnston, S.J. K. Fredericks, B.A., W. Venables, B.Sc., G. Sbeghen, B.Sc., W.Grumley,B.Sc.

Absent: R. Ward (Ex-Secretary), M. Anderson, P. Brown, T. Chan, J. Frayne, K. Fredericks, J. Gattera, A. Glynn, J. Keim, J. Kelly, J. Lipscomb, M. Lynch, M. McGoldrick, J. Gleeson, P. McHugh, C. Martinez, T. O'Brien, P. O'Regan, R. O'Sullivan, R. Robinson, K. Romaniuk, M.D.S. M. Sargent, P. Smith, P. Stewart, M. Taylor, W. Walsh, G. Williams, M. Williams, I. Yaksich, M.B.B.S.

G. Ellwood - 1964 G. Elwood
A. O'Neill – 1964 A. O'Niell
J. McKendry – 1966 J. Mc Hendry

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