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St Leo's College - 1969

December 12, 1969

Photo 1

Top Row: J. Curran, F. Dowling, John Ness, G. Ashlin, A, Issacs, P. Mant

Second Row: P. Coulson, K. Carrott, J. Meares, C. Cunningham, J. Mason, J. Prato

Third Row: W. Kingston, R. Hunter, B. Dunne, J. Meehan, I. Dale, M. Turnbull, J. O'Donahue

Fourth Row: L. Griffin, R. Houston, R. Cooke, G. Kneipp,, J. Kelsey, G. Maywald, G. Sando, M. Radel

Bottom Row: I. James, R. shaw, J. Gordon, J. Elliot, Rev. B.J. Fleming, B. Jordan, P. Wherry, I. Bell, L. Cusack.

Absent: : J. Kasipwalova

Photo 2

Top Row: A. Bugler, J. Flaherty, G. Gilltrap, T.McGovern, R. Rivalland, J. McKenna, G. Dowling, N. Brammer, M. Jefferis, R. Fleming

Second Row: C. Stafford, G. Moro, J. Massingham, A. Sullivan, G. Phillips, K. Moretto, R.Pozzan, C. Gullo, R. Otto, G. Bourne

Third Row: J. Hutton, M. Lyons, T. O'Rourke, M. Potter, C.Bock, N. Daly, P. Harpham, W. Schoch, M. Kyle

Fourth Row: K. Locke, A. Newcombe, J. Taylor, M. Collins, B. Phillips, P. Gearon, W. Warner, J. Gannon

Fifth Row: G. Rutlidge, W. Cuddihy, D. Wheeler, Jim Ness, J. Appleton R. Behan, P. McConachie, M. Drynan,E. McCardle

Sixth Row: A. McKinnon, N. Wex, M. Homewood, R. Badger, J. Croese, E. Lee, C. Pigott, P. Balkin, A. Millard

Seventh Row: J. Till, T. O'Brien, B. Hutton, M. Conroy, A. Mooney, B. Wright, B. Milford, J.Dever, P. Connolly

Bottom Row: M. Kenny, G. Savage, K. Romaiuk, J. Pauli, Rev. B.J. Fleming, Rev. Maher, Rev. B.J. Scrivener, D. Moyes, M. Shera

Absent: J. Millard, V. Power, J. Cruice, W. McMeniman

D. Wheeler - 1968 Wheller
K. Romanuik - 1968 K. Romaniuk
Mc Meniman- 1968 McMenimen, 1967 McMeniman

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