St Leo's College - 1970

December 12, 1970

Photo 1

Back Row: J. Curran, R. Flemming, G. Bourne, J. Forster

Second Row: I. Dale, R. Pozzan, J. Sullivan, K. Moretto, J. Flaherty, M. Jefferis, J. Ness, R. Otto

Third Row: C. Back, W. Schoch, F. Dowling, P. Peak, J. McKenna, J. Gannon, M. Kenny

Fourth Row: P. Balkin, J. Appleton, G. Moro, J. Meehan, J. Prato, I. Bell, A. Newcombe, M. Kyle, C. Gullo, W. Coote

Fifth Row: C. Piggott, C. McCool, I. Denham, J. Croese, J. O'Donahue, J. Elliot, R. Cook, B. Jordan, K. Carrott, J. Kelsey, M. Turnbull, J. Hutton, R. Hunter

Sixth Row: B. Hutton, J. Ness, A. Mooney, W. Kingston, B. Wright, P. McConachie, B. Milford,N. Wex, G. Till, D. Wheeler, J. Cruice, T. O'Brien

Front Row: A. Sullivan, Fr. Scrivener, J. Herlihy, Fr. Maher, P. Harpham, Rev. B.J. fleming, P.Wherry, Rev. Fr. Kane, J. Massingham, D. Moyes, P. Connelly

Photo 2

Back Row: M. Yates, M. Pender, P. Darwin, D. Hanly, D. Walsh, B. Reis, D. Donaghy

Second Row: A. Kneipp, G. Hartung, T. Conaghan, N. Healy, P. Raftery, P. Cronin, F. Zoomers, G. Aland

Third Row: T. Williams, J. O'Keefe, P. Gannon, P. Byrnes, P. McEniery, J. KcKeon, G. Maynard

Front Row: A. Keating, P. Kok, W. Poulton, B. Whitehouse, I. Donely, Rev. R.J. Kane, G. Thompson, T. Marney, P. Bielenberg, B. Moses, P. Shera

Piggott -1969 C. Pigott

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