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St Leo's College - 1978

December 12, 1978

Back Row: M. Kearney, G. Flint, D. McLaughlin, R. Harris, G. O'Dwyer, P. Enright, P. Kruger, A. Lovell, D. Clancy, A. Phillips, A. Ryan, S. Canty D. Purcell, M. Royes, M. Cronin, T. Aylmer, M. Van Der List, R. Schamburg, P. Rienecker, M. Higgins, P. Duke, P. O'Connor, P. Degnian, W. McDonnell

Fourth Row: M. Rollings, P. Meszaros, J. Orr, P. Morris, R. Howing, P. Watt, N. Vidler, S. byrne, T. McGahan, B. Rieneckert, P. Comben, T. LaCaze, S. Kellen, A. Wise, T.Ratanawongprasat, C. Grehan, G. McCabe, S. Tanner, M. Hardgrave, P. Webb, G. Laird, M. Foley, K. Lynch, G. Grady, J. Leenders

Third Row: M. Dorney, G. Murphy, D. Hannay, J. Dillon, G. Gillman, G. Brereton, D. Yeates, P. Effeney, N. Brodie, D. Barker, J. Loch, P. Hill, G. Dower, B. O'Brien, M. Casey, M. Sue Yek, J. McCarthy, M. Mathieson, M. Purcell, J. Wyche, G.Pedrazanni, D. Imarisio, M. McGinness, G. Moore

Second Row: S. McEvoy, B. rennie. K. Warhurst, R. Nugent, P. Scanlan, P. Le Feuvre, G. Withey, P. Smith, T. Beaton, J. Anthony, A. Pang, N. Carter, A. Watson, C. Barfield, T. Lyons, B. Hill, B. Lynch, P. Smales, C. Wing, P. Valmadre, S. McGinness, A, Licciardello, B. Bowler, L.H. Prasetyo

Front Row: N. Byrnes, D. Boyle, J. Bou-Samra, S. Sue Yek, P. Tummon, T. O'Toole, B. Knight, E. Guazzo, J. Batch, Rev. Fr. V. Moran, S.J. (Vice-Rector), P. Green, Rev. Fr. C.V. Hurley, S.J. (Rector), Rev. Fr. J. Douglas, S.J. (Chaplain), K. Connelly, J. Stirk, R. Butler, S. Albrecht, S. Broderick, J. Ariens, J. Foley, E. Van Der List, P. Comino

Absent: M. Apple, R. Baldwin, P. Boland, K. Bredhauer, M. Lynn, M. Byrne, G. Conrick, B. Hooper, M. Keller, M. Kelly, J. Langbridge, R. Leeenders, P. Lynch, G. Morrow, J. McEniery, J. McGahan, B. Richards, B.Shearer, D. Shrimpton, P. White, D. Wise

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