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St Leo's College - 1988

December 12, 1988

Back Row: D. O'Sullivan, C. Fairley, J. Coote, M. Roach, G. Rennick, M. Aitken, A. Robertson, A. Roati, J. Ware (B.A.), M. Fairly, M. Frawley, M. Fish, B. Lane, L. Edwards, M. Crowe, G. Crow (B.Com.), M. Ghusn, P. Garske, J. Williams (B. Sc.), J. Lamont (B.A.)

Second Row: A. Lawson, S, O'Donaghue (B. Pharm.), M. Pyne, D. Leach, S. Gullo, T. Purcell, S. Kearney, J. McCormack, P. O'Dea, P. McAuliffe, M. Valmadre, K. Agius, J. Grose, T. Round, A. Tully, R. Evans, G. Seaby, P. Lane, D. Baxter, G. Clark, D. Stepehenson, A. Pappalardo, A. Aralar, G. Marshall

Third Row: S. Buckley, A. Ganter, A. Garbuio, C. Hill, B.McGuire, M. McGahan, (B.Com.), D. Thomson, A. Bartelo, R. Calleja, M. Ryan, D. Manassero, B. Duffy, A. Featherstone, J. Ward, T. Furikawa, P. Hickey, D. Sullivan, D. Rutley, R. Peckett, I. Baxter

Fourth Row: G. Downes, P. O'Conner (B.A. Hons.), B. Jones, S. Low, M. Devlin, S. McCormack, C. O'Brien, J. Binder, M. Rogers, M. Power, G. Patton, D. Byrnes, J. Elphinstone, S. Slattery, G. Rienecker, R. Galea, M. Flavel, J. Hin, J. O'Callaghan, F. Ferlazzo, J. Graham, K. Kerwick, M. Sharkey, B. Calvert, M. Pearce, D. Robinson (B.A. Dip.Ed.)

Fifth Row: P. Gampe,, R. Eustace, P. Carr, A. Moore, R. Palmeri, D. Badesso, M. Coren, M. Currari (B. Com), Rev. Fr. C.V. Hurley S.J., J. Conn, J. Mahoney, T. Goulding, P. Murtagh, G. Shaw, A. Coorey, T. Robertson, M. Walsh, B. Mc Laughlin, J. Chong

Front: P. Gallagher (B.A.), A. Vassallo(B.Sc.), S. Lee, P. Glynn, S. Randall, J. Burke, J. Rodwell, R. Condsell

Absent: D. Sammut (B. Pharm.), M. Roderick (B.A.), C. Bourke, M. Maguire, E. Gordon, D. Curtain, D. Romagnalo, M. Coote (B.Phy.), B. Hart (B.A.), G. Ferlazzo, C.Cosentino, M. Sammut, D. Sartor, A. Loch, G. Gayton, S. MacClean, R. Aquilizan, P. Hession, S. Brown, D. Paton, J. Ferris, P. McVeigh, G. Warren, S. Gay

Manassero - 1989 Manessero

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