St Leo's College - 1999

December 12, 1999

If you know any of the names that are missing on the photograph, please contact the College Secretary.

Fifth Row (l-r): Walter /Vincent Guam /Chua, Andrew Hanrahan, Roland Davies, Tall Paul __________, Phillip Tynan, Shaun Byrnes, Gregory Orchard, Simon Morgan, Matthew Doherty, Luke Spear, Michael Monsour, Peter Tullemans, Mark Frost, Andrew Ahern, J. Fred Montgomery, John Prescott

Fourth Row (l-r): Basil d'Souza, Max Brammer, Paul Weimers, Martin Patricks, Luke Creagh, Drew Speedy, Glenn Anderson, Hugh Bradshaw, Luke Moloney, Gregory Searles, Simon Wright, __________ Boon, Todd Horan, Brendan Moran, Patrick Devlin, Ryan Carroll, Scott Sheehan, Anthony Lingard, Dominic Schliebs, Dan Gallagher, John Whyte, Eneko Krampl, Charlie Brown, Stephen Burgess, Joseph Dougherty, Jaden Frame, Brian Carey, Owen Suttors, Douglas Price, __________, Raymond Mah, __________, Luke Usher, __________

Third Row (l-r): Rod Spearing, Christopher Horacek, Timothy Gole, Roberto Cuda, Robert __________, _____________, Frederick Shephard, Brett Stager, Matthew Feeley, Damien Gardiner, Simon Quinn, Chris Simmons, Andrew Sgarbossa, Anthony Brown, Troy Saro, Michael Graham. Richard Katter, Patrick Collins, Matthew Wessell, Peter Mulherin, Graham Player, Dominic Newberry, Clint Patricks, Benjamin Lee, Mark Jaeger, Mark Ghusn, __________Walters, Mark Pollock, Joseph Cheung, __________, Peter Comerford, _______, _______

Second Row (l-r): Travis Heaps, Nicholas Gurrief, David Campling, Dan Fraser, David Bryant, Steven Young, Kent Antonio, Benjamin Cerutti, Dominic Ponti, Brendan Telford, Dominic Ponti, Christopher Homewood, Christopher Johnson, Isaac Deny, Daniel Bolton, Todd Urquhart, Allen Nalder, Peter Andreassen, Eamon Hetherton, Shane Devlin, __________, __________ Larrigan, Richard Blackburne, Robert Price, Howard Fell, James Fulton, Matthew Dillon, Ben Tuppack, Brett Witty, David Foresto, Timothy Meyers, Cameron Cowley

Front Row (l-r): Brett Fitzpatrick, Patrick Banks, Tony Weller, Mark Conway, Cameron Jeitz, Ashley Watts, Michael Condon, Paul Faughey, Daniele Gigliotti, Timothy Lynch, Matthew Downey, Fr Norbert Olsen SJ, Fr Ian Howells SJ, Dr. Bill Heather, David Gates, Fr William Uren SJ, Lt. Col. (Ret.) John Long, Richard Loro, Anthony O'Neill, Mark Pigram, Nash Townson, James Bagley, Bradley Morrissey, Michael Haslam, Peter McNamara, James Warr, Robert Hanson, Dominic O'Brien, Peter Devadason, Christopher Walsh, Timothy Devine, Robert Naish

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