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St Leo's College - 2003

December 12, 2003

Top Row(l-r): Pete Garden, Nick Jones, Mick Vollbon, Kulumba Kiyingi, Dougy Price, Matthew Weller, Mark Quick, Tim McKey, Pat Manley, Aidan Cleary, Luke Gurieff, Greg Eitstein, Gerard Hinchcliffe, Dave Dawes, Simon Waldby, Matthew McDonald, Tom Schlong, Chris Upton, Phillip Gunthorpe, Peter Jaeger, Liam Foran, Keiran Westlake, Doug Smith, Michael Vollbon, Matthew Floyd, James Buckley, Tony Tracey, Chris O'Driscoll, Matt Lombardi, Ashley Strike, David Taylor, Matthew Brady, Chris Sherry

Third Row (l-r): Mark Lynch, Trent Symons, Scott Madden, Aaron Grindlay, Julian Lim, Richard Dunbar, James Byrnes, Ryan Carter, John Neilson, Chris Hill, Luke Witherdin, Dave Nevell, Kit Walker, Chris Davis, Eddie Paul, Nick Murphy, Tim Brown, Dave Eviston, Mick Hurrel, Kieran McGovern, Ryan Yip, Josh Kitchen, Richard Reeves, Adam Heritage, Pat Capel, Brian Walsh, Angus Telford, Damian Smyth

Second Row (l-r): Jared Bruning, Bohan Jones, Joseph Lum, Roderick Ho, Thomas Petrie, John O'Toole, Rhett Kipps, Lucas Moro, Keelan Standen, Dennis Price, Steven Belz, Dave Jeffery, David Pacey, Julian Tomba, Danny Hooper, Dale Heaps, Iain Avery, Geoff Malone, Timothy Smith, Gregory Pietrobon, James Rickman, Dominic Wood, Michael Crosby, Daniel Taft, Kevin Stephenson, Peter O' Donohue, Kris McQuaid, Russel Hoenig, Craig Heath, Timothy Lin, Mick Devlin, Dougy Twine, Peter Tullemans

Front Row (l-r): Simon Crouch, Josh Fox, Richard Kok, Sunny Seshadri, Jimmy McInnerney, Jason Nguyen, Mark Massa, Mark Leung, Benny Siau, Christian Moro, Andrew Madden, John Losclavo, Vinny Hede, Fr. Ian Howells, Fr. Gregory Jordan, Lt. Col. John Long, Mick O'Reilly, Fraser Bligh, Tom Lamond, Toby Harpham, Justin Lankinen, Stephen Biddle, Dan Tracey, David Wedgewood, Luke Edwards, Craig Turvey, Daniel Barry, Dave Drynan, Mark Samuel, Pete Warr, Andrew Rogan

Matthew Wella (2003) or Matthew Weller (2000)-Weller on StarCom.
(Simon Walby in 2003) Correct spelling, on StarCom & 2004 is Waldby
Tomba-on StarCom
Ryan Yip – 2003 Ryan Yipp spelt incorrectly

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