Community Outreach Program

The St Leo’s community lives the College’s mission in a variety of ways including through funding bursary support for Residents who but for the support of the College would have no means of attending university, supporting UQ students who, through no fault of their own, have fallen on financial difficulties and sustaining our Resident Leadership and making sure each of these men are exposed to professional development opportunities that emphasise the importance of service in a life of leadership.

St Leo’s Residents themselves invest considerable amounts of their own time and energies into raising monies to support various causes. St Leo’s and Duchesne Colleges run the St Leo’s/Duchesne St Vincent de Paul Conference and support various charities as diverse as the Oaktree Foundation through to Movember.

Whilst all this work is all done for worthwhile causes, it also facilitates excellent social networking with Duchesne and together the Colleges run semesterly car washes, trivia nights and through some thoughtful politicking, have persuaded the St Leo’s Administration that any fines which are collected throughout the year should be donated to a charity of the fine-paying Resident’s choosing.



Indian Immersion

Every November/December for the past seven years, St Leo’s has sent a group of young men to volunteer in orphanages and hospices in southern India. Any Resident who is interested in this Immersion is is encouraged to speak with the Admin team here at the College.

Each year, those of our men who attend speak of a life-changing experience that shapes their outlook and enriches their understanding of the privileged lives we lead in a country like Australia.

     india representatives