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St Leo's Life

A Leo’s life is enriched by all manner of experiences and opportunities – sporting, cultural, social and academic, all at the heart of the University of Queensland, here on College Road.

Come and be part of St Leo’s vibrant dynamic, progressive and inclusive community and enjoy what makes this place special and unique. Be part of our future.

Leonians are enrolled at each of the universities’ faculties. There are Leonians enrolled in Engineering, Accounting, Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Social Work, Teaching and everything in between. We are UQ’s regional college and our men come from Queensland and Australia’s provincial towns and cities and go on and achieve great things because of their time here at St Leo’s.

Achieving a balance of study and downtime, the St Leo’s Students’ Club runs college-wide events throughout the year. Residents benefit from the Students’ Club’s social, sporting, cultural and professional events in and around Leo’s, UQ and Brisbane. Club membership also provides access to the Inter-College Council - more details below.

From past to present, St Leo's continues to provide an opportunity for our residents to establish lifelong friends and mateship. We know that the young men create mates for life and the bond that build is a huge reason why they love Leo’s.

Testimonial - Adam Takai
Second Year, Bachelor of Engineering/Maths

Despite living on the other side of Queensland in the Torres Strait, the congenial atmosphere at St Leo’s College quickly made it my 2nd home. The unforgettable times with mates simply cannot be replicated; boarding school didn’t even come close.

One's experience at a university college like many institutions falls back on the age old saying: ‘what you put in, is what you get out’, and Leo’s is no different. Leo’s provides both the method and the means for one to pursue their academic ambitions at university, socialize with some of the best mates you’ll make in life and participate in a diverse exhibition of both sporting and cultural opportunities, whether that’s on the field or off. Always living on campus is also an unparalleled blessing that won’t be appreciated until you’ve made the mistake of waking up 5 minutes before an 8 o’clock class. The environment fostered at Leo’s has never left me asking for more.

(St Augustine’s, Cairns, Class of 2018)

ICC & College Events

The Inter-College Council (ICC) enables and encourages students to participate in competitive sports and other cultural activities. These include but aren't limited to debating, Bandfest, Choralfest, Dance Fest and many more. The competition runs through both semesters.

Our annual Academic Dinners celebrate the achievements of our residents.

Living on campus is not only convenient, it is also a very safe option.

You'll always have fellow residents from Leo's and other Colleges to work with and travel to classes with. Not that you have to travel far!

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St Leo's College - your new home on campus
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