About St Leo’s

St Leo’s College was founded in 1917 by Brisbane’s Catholic Archbishop, Sir James Duhig D.D. The College was originally located on Wickham Terrace, Brisbane between 1917 – 1960.

St Leo’s College at the University of Queensland was opened on 12 March 1961.

In keeping with the rich traditions of the past century, St Leo’s Residents enjoy a diverse and active lifestyle embracing study, cultural and sporting opportunities, faith developments, community service and a wealth of social opportunities.

This is alongside state of the art facilities and a learning environment that offers an exciting and rewarding academic experience.

In 2017, St Leo’s celebrated its centenary year. As the College continues to grow it remains committed to providing an environment where Residents feel respected and valued and can grow on their life journeys.

St Leo’s houses 211 young men.  It is the only fully airconditioned College.  We are the only UQ College to offer free car parking to every resident.