Click here for St Leo’s Fees 2021 – New Residents

Leonians can check-in in February and check-out in November. Moving out in June/July is a thing of the past. You may stay at St Leo’s over the June/July holidays.

We offer a $1,500 sibling discount.  Where one family sends us two brothers concurrently, the second brother’s fees will attract a remission of $1,500. And, should one family send a son to St Leo’s and a daughter to Duchesne concurrently, the second sibling’s fees will attract the $1,500 remission, whether at Duchesne or St Leo’s.

Fees include three full meals per day, seven days per week for all students, plus tea, toast, fruit and snacks.  Residents have access to our Late Meal Room, car parking, tutorials, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, utilities, UQ Sport Lifestyle Package (UQ Pool included),  after hours support, formal dinners with special Guest Speakers and a full program of social events, not to mention opportunities for current Residents to mix and mingle with collegians from nearby Duchesne, Women’s and St John’s Colleges.

Living on campus is the easiest and most supportive way to navigate the transition from school to uni.