The College is owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane and the four regional Dioceses: Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville and Cairns.

The College Constitution empowers the Archbishop and the Bishops to appoint the Chair of the College Council and its Members who set the governance and direction of the College. One of these Members is always a member of the St Leo’s College Resident student body.

The Council meets five times per calendar year and its meetings are structured around three Advisory Committees – Planning, Legal & Risk and Finance.

The Head of College reports to the Council with respect to the College’s financial position and ensures its engagement with the broader community. The Head of College is responsible for the daily functioning of the College, and through the delegations of the Council and implementation of the College’s Strategic Plan provides for staffing arrangements and delivery of Council policy. The Head of College is also responsible for the College’s financial position and its engagement with the broader community.


  • The Most Rev Mark Coleridge BA DSS – Archbishop of Brisbane
  • The Most Rev James Foley DD – Bishop of Cairns
  • The Most Rev Michael McCarthy DD – Bishop of Rockhampton
  • The Most Rev Robert McGuckin DD – Bishop of Toowoomba
  • The Most Rev Timothy Harris  – Bishop of Townsville


Council Members:

Daryl Hanly


Mr Daryl Hanly OAM

Mary Mahoney

Deputy Chair

Emeritus Professor
Dr Mary Mahoney AO




Steve Foley
Mr Steve Foley – Head of College/CEO

Ms Pam Betts

Philip Byrne
Mr Philip Byrnes

Dr John Comerford

Mr Robert Falzon

Madonna King
Ms Madonna King


Mark Thornton
Mr Mark Thornton – Deputy Head of College


Student Club President

Isaac Dickinson
Mr Isaac Dickinson



Peter Quinlan

Peter Quinlan – Deputy CEO


Council Member Biographies

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