Residential College For Men

St. Leo’s College, named for one of the greats of the Catholic Church, St Leo the Great, has been welcoming young men from around Queensland, Australia and overseas now for 100 years. Leonians find their true identity at College, involving and immersing themselves in the experience that distinguishes St Leo’s at UQ.

Our men come to College to succeed all-round, and to that end, we are purposefully holistic in our orientation – no matter whether your strengths lie in the Arts, the Sciences, on the sporting field or the stage. We want to be part of your life story and bring you the sustenance and nourishment that will not only enhance those areas in which you already excel, but provide an environment where you might explore, challenge, grow and develop.

Our College gives Residents a home away from home where staff are available 24-hours a day, we offer all meals and snacks plus academic assistance in the form of support and extra tutorials so that every aspect of your university experience is covered.

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