College Students’ Club

The St Leo’s Students’ Club is run by the Residents for the Residents. A team is elected each October and they lead activities over the next year.

The Students’ Club work with the College Admin team and organise activities during O Week to help with the transition to College and university life.

The Club also organises the sport and cultural activities as well as regular social events such as exchanges with other Colleges, nights out and of course the annual ball.


2018 Students’ Club Exec Team:



Tim Boniface

Vice President

Josh Curti


Tom Effeney


Tyler Kiernan

Cultural Convenor

Matt Hoffman

Sport Convenor

Andrew O’Sullivan

Social Convenor

Harry Cunningham

ICC  Convenor

Ryan Wagner


Luke Marnane


Adam Romagnolo

Second Year Rep – Merchandise

David Boyes

Second Year Rep – Culinary

Tim Schurmann

Second Year Rep – Phantom

Matt Hurrell

Second Year Rep – First Year Liaison

Hugo Tanna