Welcome from Head of College

St. Leo’s College, UQ’s only men’s College has been welcoming  students from around Queensland, Australia and overseas for over 100 years. Leonians find their true identity at College, involving and immersing themselves in the experience that distinguishes St Leo’s at UQ.

Our men come to College to succeed all-round, and to that end, we are purposefully holistic in our orientation – no matter whether your strengths lie in the Arts, the Sciences, on the sporting field or the stage. We want to be part of your life story and bring you the sustenance and nourishment that will not only enhance those areas in which you already excel, but provide an environment where you might explore, challenge, grow and develop.

St Leo’s is a home away from home where staff are available 24-hours a day, we offer all meals and snacks plus academic assistance in the form of support and extra tutorials so that every aspect of your university experience is covered.

Along with the University of Oxford, St Leo’s stands in the light with the mission of the College lit by the commitment to ensure each of its men achieve to their very best potential. In achieving that vision, the College runs 30+ hours of tutorial and learning support classes each week – celebrating the academic achievement of its Residents in Awards and Scholarships. The community-wide commitment to excellence resonates through Leonians recognised as UQ’s very best graduates, achieving positions of national leadership and succeeding in fields as diverse as the fine arts through to medicine.

At its core, the College’s strength is in its sense of community – a strength born of St Leo’s having one of the smallest numbers of Residents among the UQ colleges, yet one of the most spacious campuses, at the same time being the most centrally located of all colleges at UQ.

Any man who comes to St Leo’s will grow to know those men with whom he shares our halls – with just over 200 Residents, enrolled in Engineering, Law, Medicine, Teaching, Commerce, Dentistry and Science….you will find yourself mentored by men who are undertaking Programs of Study identical to your own and who share your aspirations for graduating with the employable edge.

I welcome you to St Leo’s. The College looks forward to being part of your professional and personal life journey.

St Leo’s – the Great.

Dominus illuminatio mea.

– Stephen Foley, Head of College and Chief Executive